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What Are Blessings in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

The gods want to help you out on your journey in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Here's what each of the gods' Blessings offer.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is an entertaining journey through the world of Greek mythology. You play as a soldier named Fenyx tasked with rescuing the Olympian gods and restoring their powers after they are stolen by Typhon.

As Fenyx, you're granted a wide variety of powers as you make your way through the Golden Isle, with character bonuses and other powers that help you complete your mission. But some of the most helpful abilities come in the form of Blessings, which are granted to you by the four Gods you need to rescue.

Here's everything you need to know about Blessings in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

What are Blessings in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

A look at all of the Blessings from each god in Immortals Fenyx Rising.Source: Ubisoft

Blessings are an important part of Immortals Fenyx Rising. They can best be described as passive buffs that you can activate after rescuing a god and reuniting them with the powers they were previously stripped of. Unlike abilities, you don't have to actively turn each Blessing on, and they will allow you to last longer in battle, fell more enemies, or hammer out longer combos. It's up to you which god's set of Blessings you want to use.

What Blessings do you get in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

A look at Fenyx, transformed by Blessings granted by the gods.Source: Ubisoft

Each god will grant you three special Blessings each, ranging from giving you additional damage per attack or buffing your health. The gods available to give Blessings are Hephaistos, Aphrodite, Athena, and Ares.

Hephaistos blessings

Hephaistos offers area damage that goes into effect when you parry or dodge properly as well as additional damage that you can tack onto an attack via combo. This gives you 10% more damage to lay into enemies with. These are some of the most powerful buffs you can get, and the first Blessings you should seek out, especially if you need help slaying the enemies that pop up.

Aphrodite blessings

Aphrodite's Blessings are useful in terms of keeping you alive. You get an additional life that will refresh after 20 minutes, as well as an additional hit to reset your combo and an extra hit after you drink a buff potion.

The powerful Aphrodite reaches out to Fenyx to offer them more power.Source: Ubisoft

Athena blessings

Athena has her own set of Blessings that can be extremely helpful in terms of Fenyx's bow. She can help double your arrow refill speed, extend how long you can charge arrow shots, and add a devastating shot of lightning if you charge up a shot fully and land it on an enemy.

Ares blessings

Ares, being the god of war, helps extend your combo meter in a big way. He can help restore your wings when you finish up a combo, help your combos take longer to finish, and help unlock an additional set of combos once you rack up 84 hits. Ares is the best god for buffs that keep Fenyx in battle longer, so he's a good one to unlock when possible.

Fenyx and her bow in Immortals Fenyx Rising.Source: Ubisoft

That's about all you need to know about Immortals Fenyx Rising's Blessings. Be sure you add them to your inventory of abilities and you'll blaze through this new adventure game smelling like roses.

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