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Die besten SteelSeries PC-Gaming-Headsets

Here are the recommendations that I share with my PC gaming friends when they ask which headset they should pick up:

Arctis 7 (Wireless)

Arctis 7 wireless headset floating in blank space

Arctis 7 is the headset that I recommend to most folks and the one that I've used personally for years; it's one of our most popular and for good reason. Long-beloved for its sturdy wireless stability, sleek and comfortable style, long battery life, and premium sound quality, this is the headset that has won many hearts (and ears) since it was originally released.

All Arctis 7's on the market now are the improved 2019 edition, which added additional features and an improved design to the original 2016 edition.

Plug it in to charge when you're not using it, and never have to worry about battery life. Or, if you're like me, you never remember to plug it in at night, but fear not: you can continue to use it while it charges.

For about $150, Arctis 7 is the perfect balance of premium features to upgrade your PC.

Similar to Arctis 7:

These headsets might also be of interest to you if you want Arctis 7 features and performance with additional compatibility:

  • Arctis 7P: Adds wireless on Android, Switch, and PlayStation
  • Arctis 7X: Adds wireless on Android, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox
  • Arctis 9: Adds simultaneous Bluetooth connectivity

Arctis 1 Wireless

Arctis 1 Wireless headset floating in space

Arctis 1 Wireless is my #1 suggestion for anyone on a budget, since it's works on virtually any device and offers fantastic quality at an affordable price. I use it as my communiting and travel headset, since it's easy to throw in my bag and have long-lasting gaming-grade wireless. The mic is detachable so you can even use it as your go-to pair of headphones.

It's suprisingly lightweight for how powerful and intuitive it is. For about $100, it's a high-quality wireless USB-C headset that can easily transition from your PC to Android to console without hassle.

If you're looking to get into wireless and stop being tied down without breaking the bank, Arctis 1 Wireless is the way to go.

Similar to Arctis 1 Wireless:

If you're looking in the under $100 range, here are some related headsets to consider for PC:

  • Arctis 1: Wired 3,5 mm version of the Arctis 1 Wireless
  • Arctis 3: Wired 3,5 mm with additional features
  • Arctis 5: Wired USB with additional features + RGB

Arctis Pro Wireless

Arctis Pro Wireless headset floating in space

Arctis Pro Wireless is the most premium, full-featured choice for PC gamers looking for a major upgrade to their gaming audio and quality of life.

It adds premium features like simultaneous Bluetooth connectivity so you can take a call mid-game, a wireless transmitter box that displays customizable information (like Discord messages), and hi-res capable speaker drivers.

One exciting feature that we don't talk about enough is the Arctis Pro Wireless' hot-swappable battery system. It's easier to show than tell, so here's a clip from FemmeFighter changing her Arctis Pro Wireless battery mid-Warzone match:

Instead of plugging in to charge, the Arctis Pro Wireless comes with 2 hot-swappable batteries, so you simply swap the low battery with the charged battery from the base station. It can be done in seconds, and ensures that you never have to go wired or run out of battery.

Arctis Pro Wireless next to wireless transmitter base station which displays "PS4" and 2 headset batteries, reading "Battery 1: Playing" and "Battery 2: Charging"

Similar to Arctis Pro Wireless:

There are 2 other headsets in the Arctis Pro line to consider, especially if you would prefer wired RGB or hi-res certified sound quality:

  • ARCTIS PRO: RGB wired version of the Arctis Pro Wireless
  • Arctis Pro + GameDAC: RGB wired Arctis Pro plus a high fidelity digital-to-analog converter for Hi-Res certified audio

When choosing the right headset for you or someone else, you'll want to consider the following:

Mit oder ohne kabel?

Wireless is a worthwhile choice, but ultimately it's up to you to decide to cut the cord or not.

Price point

Arctis headsets range from about $49 - $329 MSRP, so you'll want to consider what works for your budget and what you're looking for. All Arctis headsets share features like the ClearCast mic, Airweave ear cushions, and award-winning sound quality, so the difference in price comes from additional features like wireless, hot-swappable batteries, Bluetooth, full steel frames, RGB lighting, etc.


Even if you're just looking for a PC headset, consider what other devices you own or might want to use with a headset, especially PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Android phones.

All Arctis headsets have varying amounts of cross-platform compatibility, so you can move from PC to console with ease.

I hope this helps you to feel more confident and knowledgeable about your headset choice. Of course, these are just my suggestions. You can browse all SteelSeries headsets to see the entire line and explore each product to find the best one for you!

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