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How to Get a Valorant Beta Invite

Looking to get invited to the closed Valorant beta, which launches on 07. April, 2020? Here's what you need to do, starting April 3rd.

Getting an invite to the closed beta revolves entirely around streaming platform Twitch.tv.

Important notes about the beta:

  • The closed beta is only available in Canada, the United States, Russia, Turkey, and Europe.
  • Valorant is available on PC only.
  • Key drops from streamers happen on April 3rd and April 7th and beyond. Invites are not guaranteed.
  • Rumors state that 25.000 keys will be released on April 3rd, and an additional 75.000 keys on April 7th.
  • The beta go-live time for anyone with an invite is at 2 p.m. CEST on April 7th.

According to the official site for the Valorant beta:

Step 1: Sign up for a Riot account (or log in)

If you play League of Legends, you already have a Riot account. Log in or create an account on RiotGames.com.

Step 2: Sign up for a Twitch account (or log in)

Same as above, simply sign in to your Twitch account, or create a Twitch account if you don't already have one.

Step 3: Link both accounts together in Twitch

In your Twitch settings, link your Riot Games and Twitch accounts together. This is the same functionality that you use to link your Amazon Prime account (to enjoy Twitch Prime), Battle.net, and Steam accounts. Linking your gaming accounts to Twitch gives you access to promotions and drops that have been established between the game developers and Twitch.

Step 4: Watch Valorant streams on Twitch

Riot hasn't specific exactly which streams will have the drops, but your safest bet is to tune in to any popular streamer who is playing the game on their stream on April 3rd, and again on April 7th.

Some streamers might be trying to capitalize on the excitement with misleading stream titles about beta key drops, so your best bet is to only watch streamers who are really playing Valorant and have the "drops enabled" tag showing on Twitch:

A screenshot from Twitch.tv showing 4 Valorant streams that are tagged with "drops enabled"

Here are the streamers that Twitch has listed who will have the drops enabled on April 3rd and 7th:

  • Gotaga
  • Forsen
  • Mickalow
  • Neo
  • Taz
  • Summit1g
  • Timthetatman
  • DrLupo
  • Ace
  • Dizzy
  • Hiko
  • fl0m

Step 5: Cross your fingers!

The above steps do not guarantee a closed beta invite - simply a chance at one. If you're lucky enough to get an invite, you'll recieve an email (and probably a Twitch notification) with instructions for the beta which starts on April 7th.

You can also check your invite status at PlayValorant.com. Here's mine, for example:

Bold lettering from PlayValorant.com that reads "NOT YET"

See you in Valorant, hopefully!

How do I know I got the Valorant drop?

Log in to PlayValorant.com and check for this message:

Bold lettering from PlayValorant.com that reads "YOU'RE IN"

The notification to look for on Twitch:

Screenshot from a Twitch notification that says "You just recieved the VALORANT drop for watching Riot Games play VALORANT

(Hinweis: Neither of these will happen if you haven't linked your Twitch and Riot accounts as described above!)

Didn't get a key in either drop? Drops are still happening past April 7th, so the way to get yours remains the same:

  • Make sure your Twitch and Riot accounts are linked
  • Keep tuning in to Valorant streams that have the "drops enabled" tag

Good luck out there!

Beta invites have stopped

As of 20. Mai20, beta invites have stopped going out and the beta is ending. The official game launch is scheduled for June 2. See you there and in Discord!

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