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Hovership Havoc: Now With GameSense!

Hovership Havoc is a sci-fi twin-stick shooter from Snow Day Software. Beginning July 3rd, the game now features SteelSeries GameSense integration, adding illuminated cues to help you through this challenging roguelike.

In Hovership Havoc, players must blast their way through randomly generated levels, fighting against more than 15 types of enemies - all while avoiding obstacles designed to trap and/or surround you. (No one puts Baby in the corner!) Keep moving to survive and upgrade your stats during each playthrough using randomly dropped abilities.

When GameSense is activated in the SteelSeries engine, the main gameplay keys WASD, Q, E, F, and Left Shift are colored on your keyboard. HP is indicated with a green-to-red gradient on the F1-F12 keys for easy reference.

In addition, you can track the cooldown for your left and right abilities right on the keyboard. The left ability cooldown status is indicated from the tilde key to the five key, while the right ability status is shown from six to the backspace key. The number pad is tied to a cooldown period for the speed burst ability. When any abilities are used, the corresponding keys all turn off, then slowly get brighter until, at 100%, they are available to use again.

Source: Snow Day Software

You're going to need every upgrade and advantage you have when it's time to shift to third-person view and fight robot bosses!

Source: Snow Day Software

Check out Hovership Havoc on Steam!

GameSense for Developers

With GameSense SDK, events from your game can control illumination effects across SteelSeries devices, display info on OLED screens, trigger haptic feedback, and more.

For example, the Rival 650 mouse illumination goes completely white when a player has been flashbanged in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Players also have quick access to their levels of health, ammo, and armor through lighting effects on the keyboard.

The Discord app for GameSense uses OLED screens on SteelSeries peripherals to display custom effects such as notifications and the name of who is speaking.

As Snow Day Software proves, GameSense integration can create an interactive player experience whether you have a AAA game or a modest indie title.

GameSense SDK isn't limited to gaming, either - the Audio Visualizer app translates music into waves of color, while Image Sync coverts an animated GIF into a keyboard illumination effect.

The Audio Visualizer app in action. Source: SteelSeries

Development teams can work independently or alongside SteelSeries to create something new and exciting - you can build a working demo in about 20 minutes! Find out more about GameSense and what it can do for your next project here.