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Borderlands 3 Starter Tips

Whether you're playing solo or with friends, here are our tips for diving into Borderlands 3 for the first time.

The story so far...

Borderlands 3 is the latest loot-driven offering from Gearbox Software, resuming the story a couple years after the events of Borderlands 2.

While it's not necessary to know the story of Borderlands to enjoy BL3, it will enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the game to have some grasp on the story so far. If you've got some time, check out the PlayStation Access video "The Story So Far" for a story catch-up of the previous games:

In this new sequel, gameplay maintains the tried and true formula: you can play solo or with friends to score loot, engage with psycho enemies, and save your home from the most ruthless cult leaders in the galaxy.

Character TL;DRs

As in previous games, BL3 introduces a cast of four extraordinary Vault Hunters, each with their own unique abilities, playstyles, skill-trees, and personalization. There’s a little something for everyone's playstyle, so you’ll definitely find someone with a kit you’re comfortable with!

This is just a broad overview of each character. Each Vault Hunter has 3 skill trees with your choice of action skills that dramatically adjust the way you play the character. Here’s a quick breakdown of the four Vault Hunters to choose from.

Amara, the Siren with punching power


Great for:
People who like going in on the offensive and getting their hands dirty.

Not for:
People who like to sit back and snipe.

Her skills improve her durability and offensive prowess, allowing you to stay in the action as long as possible. The closer you are to your opponent, the stronger you become!

Moze, the Gunner with a weaponized mech


Great for:
People who like to go gun crazy while shooting way too many bullets. Tank mains. D.va fanatics.

Not for:
Supports or slow, methodical players.

Her skills enhance her gun-fu, improving reload times, splash damage, and shield strength, making it easy for her to inflict maximum damage while helping her teammates.

Zane, the Operative with mega utility


Great for:
People who like to hit-and-run enemies, going in and out of the action in rapid succession.

Not for:
People who like to sit back and snipe.

Zane, the only vault hunter who can use two skills at once, can use his abilities to create a clone of himself, a drone, or a shield. His skills are versatile and will help you become a better teammate or an efficient solo player.

FL4K, the robot Beast Master who summons creatures to help in battle.

Great for:
Solo players. Pet enthusiasts. Long-distance fighters.

Not for:
People who like being in the middle of the action. Those who get sad when animals die in-game.

Skills: FL4K’s skills allow you to summon various creatures from the world that can tank, heal, and ultimately enhance your ninja-sniper skills (health-regen, invisibility, etc.)

Of course, this is just a broad overview of each character, who have 3 very unique skill trees that allow you to mix and match passive and active abilities to create a kit that works with your playstyle.

More tips

Need help surviving in the wasteland? We got you covered. Here are some general tips for your journey as you save your world from the most ruthless cult leaders in the galaxy.

Alternate fire modes
Borderlands 3 has added additional fire modes, giving you 2-in-1 versatility for many guns, so be sure to check them out. Alternate firing modes by pressing "C" on PC, or "D-pad down" on PS4/Xbox.

Research character trees
Gearbox has amped up the skill trees this time around with more versatility and variation than ever, so do your research. Don't be afraid to mix and match abilities from multiple trees to create your perfect build.

It's expensive to die
Cash comes in handy for expanding your backpack space, ammo reserves, and more. Respawning costs 7% of your current cash, so dying can get pretty costly. If playing with friends, make sure to communicate and help rez each other (or weaken the enemies near a downed player to help them get the second wind rez).

Easily get ammo-ed up
With a bazillion guns in the mix, ammo is rarely in short supply in Borderlands 3 - just open nearly any green-accented box. However, if you’re looking to quickly get racked and ready for battle, you can use any Marcus Munitions vending machine to instantly stock up on ammo with a push of a button (although it will cost you).

Obtain lost loot on Sanctuary 3
Leave a good gun on the ground by accident? No problem, you can recover your lost do-dads free of charge at the Lost Loot machine on Sanctuary. The machine does get full though. You can expand the number of items the machine can hold over at Marcus Munitions on the ship.