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The Best Wireless Xbox Headset

With all the buzz around Arctis 9X wireless headset, you might be asking yourself what makes this headset so different than any other Xbox headset.

Wireless console headsets, especially for Xbox, have historically been pretty bad, so it's no suprise that fans were frequently asking for a SteelSeries Xbox headset for their Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S.

9X render

When we created the Arctis 9X, we didn't just want to make something that was compatible on Xbox, we wanted to exceed the existing standards and expectations for an Xbox Wireless headset.

So how did we do it?

Step 1:

We started with the same award-winning features that people know and love about Arctis headsets:

Arctis 9X microphone

  • A ClearCast bidirectional microphone

    Arctis 9X speakers

  • A fine-tuned and balanced soundscape

    Arctis 9X surround sound

  • Windows Sonic Spatial Audio

    Arctis 9X steel headband

  • A durable steel headband

    Arctis 9X fabric

  • Breathable AirWeave fabric earcusions

    Arctis 9X headband side

  • An adjustable ski-goggle headband

So, that was our base. But we wanted to do so much more to make it the perfect headset for Xbox.

Step 2:

Arctis 9X simultaneous wireless

We also added Bluetooth capability, so you can connect to your phone to take calls, listen to music, and use Discord.

You can also use Bluetooth simultaneously alongside the lossless 2.4GHz wireless from your Xbox. You can balance both your game audio and chat audio directly on the headset.

But we didn't stop there.

Step 3:

Xbox Wireless

We partnered with Microsoft to integrate their Xbox Wireless technology, so the Arctis 9X would work seamlessly with the Xbox interface and connect just like a controller.

Step 4:

9X battery life comparison

We built a new chipset from the ground up, which would not only double the standard battery life of other Xbox headsets, but also drastically improved connectivity issues that plague other Xbox headsets.

Launch day

On 23. April, 2019, we proudly released the Arctis 9X to the world...

...and promptly sold out in less than 48 hours, way faster than we imagined.

Here's what folks are saying so far:

"The new king of Xbox headsets has arrived."GamesRader

"It's a fantastic headset with excellent audio and incredible levels of comfort, but what makes it truly shine is the ease of use and compatibility with both Microsoft's console and Windows."Windows Central

"If you are after a high-end headset for the Xbox, the Arctis 9X delivers."AnandTech

"The Arctis 9X is the best Xbox-focused headset we've ever used."Player.One

"I expected the Arctix 9X to sound great from the start. They didn't disappoint."Engadget

"Simply put, the best Xbox One wireless headset period."NerdReactor

In short, we are genuinely honored and proud to have worked alongside Microsoft to create the world's best Xbox headset: the Arctis 9X. It's compatible with Xbox One and next-gen ready (no firmware updates required) for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

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