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6 Möglichkeiten, um dein PC-Setup fantastisch aussehen zu lassen

If you're looking to transform the way your PC setup looks, try out these simple options to help spiff things up considerably.

Are you tired of seeing all those beauty shots of PCs on the internet while your setup is a mess of tangled wires? It doesn't take too much time to make your computer area look just as stunning.

With that in mind, if you want to go the extra mile to make your PC look awesome, read on below.

Extra Large Mousepad


Nothing is more annoying than being in the middle of a game, only to have your mouse slip off the pad. With a product like the SteelSeries QcK 5XL, you can make your entire desk into a mousepad. Furthermore, the non-slip surface allows you to keep your keyboard and peripherals in place. You can even get RGB with the QcK 5XL Prism that can react to your games, music, Discord notifications, and more.

Headphone Stand

A simple black headphone stand gets the job done

If you're gaming on PC regularly, you probably primarily use a headset for audio and microphone. Odds are, you likely leave it on your desk when you're done, but if you're looking for a neat, clean look for your PC setup, you should consider getting a headphone stand. Hanging up your headset when you're done with it will prevent any accidental damage and can keep cords from getting tangled up.

Reusable Cable Ties

A selection of colorful cable ties.

The basis of making a computer area look good is cable management. Some people swear by zip-ties, but reusable cable ties have the advantage of letting you redo your work without sacrificing any material. They also allow you to freely add more cables without the annoyance of having to re-ziptie everything back down.

Custom PC Cables

A set of all-white PSU extension cables.

The secret to getting the interior of your PC to look clean is using the right-sized cables. Most stock SATA and power supply cables are one-size-fits-all. This means you've got to find somewhere to stuff the excess length, which ends up with either a tangled mess draped over your components or having to shove all them behind your motherboard.

Cable Combs

A series of black cable combs.

Whether you use stock cables or custom cables, getting them to lay in a certain way is impossible without cable combs. These little plastic clips allow you to keep your cables in a neat row and help put the finishing touch on a good cable management job.

Desk-Mounted Monitor Stand

A sturdy desk-mounted monitor stand.

A monitor can take up a ton of room on your desk, especially if it's an ultrawide. The smaller your desk, the more annoying it is to have a stock monitor stand in the way. Fortunately, there's an easy fix for this.

A monitor stand that attaches to your desk with a clamp can give you all that room back, and you'll have more options for adjusting the height and angle of your display. This type of stand comes in all shapes and sizes, from small single-monitor units to massive brackets that can hold three full-sized displays. No matter what your setup, there's a desk-mounted monitor stand that's right for you.

This should help you transform your PC gaming space or workspace into something that feels uniquely you.

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