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3D Aim Trainer wird Teil von SteelSeries

Training in SteelSeries’ latest addition, 3D Aim Trainer helps you achieve insane aim in any FPS game! Climb the ranks faster and win by combining our cutting-edge gear with the #1 aim trainer.

With 20+ years of providing technology and innovation to gamers, we have been committed to helping gamers win since day one. Today, we build on that proud tradition with the announcement of adding 3D Aim Trainer and their amazing team to the SteelSeries family.

Just like us, they’ve helped competitive gamers level up since their start in 2019 and the impact has been huge! More than 14 million gamers have improved their aim using 3D Aim Trainer and we couldn’t be more excited to keep building under one banner and help even more.

Try yourself and win gear

3D Aim Trainer originally dropped as the first-ever browser-based, 3D aim training tool. It’s easy to open in any browser so you can start training right away. And it’s free.

Read our short walkthrough of how it works below, or you can jump right in and win some SteelSeries prizes along the way.

In the next week, you can test your aim in the SteelSeries Challenge and enter to win one of 30 SteelSeries Prime mice simply by playing.

Full Prizing:

SteelSeries Challenge

Here's how 3D Aim Trainer works

Start in Quick Play by selecting your game and loadout. Many big FPS game settings are available, which help emulate the feeling of the real game, including Fortnite, Valorant, CS:GO, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty, to name a few.

Then choose the training level you want inside your personalized arena. Want to practice your flick shots or tracking skills? Drill into specific training levels to conquer new skills and master your muscle memory.

3D Aim Trainer Quick Play

Quick Play is great if you want to pick up a few skills, but truly dedicated training to get better aim takes time in the FPS Aim Trainer Academy.

Access it from Become a Pro. This is your ultimate training ground full of training routines and exercises built with input from professional gamers. From flicking to tracking, switching and clicking, master all of the fundamental skills you need to increase your rank and crush the competition.

3D Aim Trainer Become a Pro

Not sure where to start? Take an assessment of each core aiming skill to see where you’re ready to make the biggest gains. Not only will it give you personal in-depth statistics, but you’ll see how well you stack up against other gamers on the leaderboard.

3D Aim Trainer Skill Assessment

Try 3D Aim Trainer for yourself right now, it’s free and easy to get started.

Turning gamers into superstars

SteelSeries has been a driving force of esports and professional gaming since 2001. From sponsoring the first pro players, to creating products that provide gamers with the tools to excel, 3D Aim Trainer is a natural extension of the SteelSeries brand.

Together we'll continue to push competitive gaming to new heights with software-based tools and personalized insights.

Whether it’s at the podium of an esports competition or bragging rights among your friends, we are committed to helping you go for glory.

Rain from FaZe Clan using 3D Aim Trainer

rain from FaZe Clan’s Counter Strike: Global Offensive team, playing a few warm-up drills on 3D Aim Trainer.

3D Aim Trainer moving forward

Our goal is to keep building out the platform and continue to invest in what makes 3D Aim Trainer so great.

The entire 3D Aim Trainer team is already working with us to develop the next iteration of skill development for FPS gamers.

Together we plan to create entirely new training experiences not seen before in the gaming space.

Expanding excellence in software

3D Aim Trainer becomes part of our growing ecosystem of gaming’s best software services.

Released in 2008, SteelSeries Engine was our first software, designed to give you an incredible level of customization and personalization for SteelSeries gear. It’s since been rewarded again and again as one of the most lightweight, functional pieces of software available.

Today, the SteelSeries GG platform is the evolution of our software ecosystem. It helps anyone – not just SteelSeries owners – take their game further through new, free apps such as Sonar and Moments.

Sonar is an advanced audio suite that helps you hear your enemy’s location long before you see them.

We’ve packed this app with easy to access pro audio tools, and new innovations in gaming sound that will give you a competitive edge.

Want to relieve funny fails or an epic ace with your friends?

Check out our Moments app that makes it easier and faster than ever to clip, edit and share. We’ve even added automatic clipping for some games like CS:GO, Valorant, League of Legends and Fortnite, so you don’t even have to remember recording.

If you haven't tried it, we suggest you test yourself out in 3D Aim Trainer and join the 3D Aim Trainer Discord to give your input for future product development and to stay on the pulse of new features as they are released.

SteelSeries Challenge