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So sicherst du dir die neuen blaugrünen DLC-Outfits für Pokémon Karmesin und Purpur

It’s Festival Season; time to show off!

The latest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet update, The Teal Mask, finally gives players expanded customization options! The Teal Card provides access to new hairstyles and increased shop accessories, but the highlight is the traditional Paldean Festival Jinbei outfits that can be collected. These colorful new clothing items let players further customize their character's look, allowing for greater self-expression and immersion in the rich cultural setting.

How to Obtain The Teal Style Card

Pokemon Scarlet Violet DLC

To get the new outfits in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players first need to obtain the Teal Style Card. This is done by progressing through The Teal Mask story, which becomes available after starting the Treasure Hunt. Players will receive a call from Jacq directing them back to the Uva/Naranja academy, where Ms. Briar introduces a new area called Kitakami.

How to Unlock Festival Jinbei (Green)

Pokemon Scarlet Violet DLC Festival

Upon arriving in Kitakami's Mossui Town, players meet Carmine and Kieran. They're forced to partner with Kieran for an orientation involving visiting three signposts around the region. After finding the second signpost at Kitakami Hall, players are led to The Dreaded Den on Oni Mountain. Here, they must battle Kieran before returning to his and Carmine's house in Mossui Town. Visiting the house after the Den unlocks the Festival Jinbei (Green) outfit and rewards the Teal Style Card from Kieran and Carmine's grandmother. With the card, new accessories become available across Paldea's shops, along with several new hairstyle options.

How to Unlock Festival Jinbei (Deep Blue & White/Gray)

Festival Jinbei DLC

The Festival Jinbei outfits come in multiple variants that players can collect. In addition to the initial green version, finishing The Teal Mask storyline and revisiting Carmine and Kieran's grandmother unlocks the white/gray and deep blue colored Jinbei. These match the same traditional outfits that Carmine and Kieran themselves wore during the in-game Festival of Masks event! Much like the unlockable school uniforms, players can amass a wardrobe of the culturally significant Paldean garb to dress their character up for different occasions.

How to Unlock Flashy Festival Jinbei

The last Festival Jinbei variant requires players to complete a pricey post-game task. After finishing the DLC's main story, fly to Ogre Oustin' and speak to the Caretaker near Loyalty Plaza. He requests help raising 1.000.000 Pokedollars to repair the plaza, which can be donated in 100.000 increments. Once fully funded through player donations, a short cutscene occurs where the Caretaker gifts the flashy Festival Jinbei outfit as thanks. This expensive outfit serves as a status symbol for those dedicated enough to invest the time and effort into raising the full amount.

Additional Cosmetics Unlocked With The Teal Style Card

Obtaining the Teal Style Card unlocks a special catalog containing over 300 new accessories across all of Paldea's clothing and accessory shops. This dramatically expands the options for customizing your character's look. To get the additional hairstyles, players simply need to visit any barber shop located in major cities like Mesagoza, Levincia, or Cascarrafa. With the card equipped, the full range of new customization content becomes available all throughout the region.

Teal Mask DLC Hats

  • Earflap Cap
  • Greavard Beanie
  • Boater Hat
  • Pom-Pom Beanie
  • Straw Fedora

Teal Mask DLC Eyewear

  • Joke Glasses
  • Hexagonal Glasses
  • Hexagonal Sunglasses
  • Half-Moon Glasses
  • Half-Moon Sunglasses
  • Clubmaster Glasses
  • Clubmaster Sunglasses

Teal Mask DLC Bags

  • Festival Cinch Bag
  • Two-Way Nylon Backpack
  • Classic Leather Backpack
  • Frilly Backpack

Teal Mask Gloves

  • Knitted Gloves
  • Riding Gloves
  • Gloves

Teal Mask Legwear

  • Knitted Socks
  • Striped High Socks
  • Flower-Print Tights
  • Poke Dot High Socks

Teal Mask Footwear

  • Festival Sandals
  • Slip-Ons
  • Casual Sandals

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