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How to Get More Emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons

Emeralds are the currency of Minecraft Dungeons used for purchasing gear. Here's a bunch of ways to get them.

Where to spend Emeralds

The only place to spend your hard-earned Emeralds is at the 2 vendors at camp.

Player standing inside the camp in Minecraft Dungeons with the Blacksmith and Traveling Merchant NPC's

The Blacksmith unlocks after you complete Creeper Woods for the first time, and the Traveling Merchant unlocks after you complete Pumpkin Pastures.

They will sell you a random weapon, armor, or artifact appropriate for your equipped power level.

If you've found yourself needing different gear, this is a great way to quickly pick up level-appropriate gear. But it can get pricey, so you want to stay on top of your Emerald finding!

How to get more Emeralds

  • You'll find Emeralds in all chests and breakable jars. Some are more hidden than others; you'll need to scour every map!
  • You can find Emerald chests hidden around the camp between each mission, each containing 50 Emeralds.
  • You occasionally get Emeralds when killing enemies.
  • You get Emeralds when you salvage any unwanted pieces of gear.
  • Don't forget that you can replay any missions to farm for Emeralds on any difficulty.

How to further maximize your Emerald gain

These items cause increased Emerald mobs to drop more Emeralds:

  • (Enchantment) Prospector: Mobs drop more Emeralds
  • (Weapon) The Last Laugh: Mobs drop more Emeralds
  • (Weapon) Diamond Pickaxe: Finds more Emeralds

The game is still fairly new, so updates and more info are sure to come. Check out guides for speed farming Emeralds like this one by Outranked on YouTube:

I hope this helps in your quest for more Emeralds!

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