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The History of the SteelSeries Mouse

While our first product was a revolutionary mousepad, innovating gaming mice was soon to follow. Check out the video below to learn more, and stay tuned for even more!

Imagine being a '90s gamer kid and these are your options:

  • a mouse with one button
  • your dad’s mouse (thanks for nothing dad)
  • a mouse you got free in the mail

The only consistency you had was consistently missing shots. So at SteelSeries, we got to work on improving the gaming mouse. Pixel perfect precision was finally in play.

But aim isn’t everything, you also need brain. We were the first to onboard an ARM chip, letting you tweak performance settings, and save them to your mouse. Then we added a lift off sensor to for complete vertical control...True 1:1 tracking was born. Your hand equals your aim.

If you suck, that’s a problem we can’t solve. If it’s your mouse, that’s one we can.

Innovation is in our blood. Always has been, always will be. Auf dem weg zum ruhm.

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